Joseph: (Book 08) Alone on the Mountain by Karl Reed

Joseph has no idea what adventures await him as he sets out to explore the mountain alone. Who are the elusive strangers camping in that wilderness? And, what is it that they are seeking to find? Joseph returns to his camp and makes a devastating discovery that threatens his entire expedition. Should he turn back–or press on? Meanwhile, a shocking crisis back home stretches the faith of the little community. The kindness of Amish neighbors eases the burden on Joseph and his friends even as their relationships continue to be tested. A surprise letter brings unexpected news from faraway places bringing changes that no one anticipated. Will the love and commitment of these friends endure?



About the Author:

Author and speaker, Karl Reed,  Karl is a prolific writer and has had many articles published in Home School Digest, Brush Arbor Quarterly, Overcoming Life.


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