Rescue Me! by Glenn Meldrum

Rescue Me is a candid investigation into how our character affects every portion of our lives. The unrefined and unconquered portions of our character cause more harm than a host of adversaries, be they men or demons. In contrast, a godly nature yields good fruit whether in adversity or prosperity. From pulpit to pew the church is suffering from a lack of person and corporate holiness. Our lifestyles of compromise are holding back the tangible power of the Holy Spirit. Once these hindrances are removed the church will become a radical agent of change in a perishing world.  Rescue Me! was written to help believers understand a little more clearly how the sinful nature corrupts our character and to offer some Biblical answers that will help us to live the Victorious Christian life. This life changing resource is ideal for personal or group Bible study.



About the Author:

Husband and wife team, Glenn and Jessica Meldrum. are the founders of In His Presence Ministries. Glenn is an ordained minister and holds an MA in theology and church history from Ashland Theological Seminary. He has ministered as an evangelist since 1997 and his 16 years of pastoral experience has included an urban multicultural church, a rural church and a Romanian congregation. Glenn, who was saved out of a life of drugs and alcohol, also ministers in prisons and rehab programs such as Teen Challenge and Victory Outreach.



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