Joseph: (Book 14) The Other Two Guys by Karl Reed

Violent storms bring flooding and devastation to the peaceful little community of friends. Amish neighbors arrive just in time bringing compassion, courage and ingenuity to assist in rescue and restoration efforts. After being miraculously saved from the floodwaters while trapped under a bridge, Gregory struggles to explain the presence of two strangers who were there with him till help arrived. Esther receives a surprise delivery from an unexpected source. And it looks like, despite all the chaos, Angela may be getting a delivery of her own! In the aftermath of the storm, the discovery of a giant fossilized human footprint raises questions about past inhabitants of the land.



About the Author:

Author and speaker, Karl Reed,  Karl is a prolific writer and has had many articles published in Home School Digest, Brush Arbor Quarterly, Overcoming Life.


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