Create in Me a Pure Heart by Steve & Kathy Gallagher

“She who gives herself to wanton pleasure,” observed the apostle Paul, “is dead even while she lives.” These ominous words perfectly articulate the living hell in which many Christian women are currently living. The Christian community has long thought that sexual sin is strictly a man’s problem, but statistics indicate that the problem among women is much more widespread than anyone might have imagined. The desire to connect with someone emotionally, the indulgence in romantic fantasies, the craving for male attention and the ever–present godless influences of the media have all combined to create what has quietly become a spiritual epidemic in our midst. Create in Me a Pure Heart addresses the unique issues that the struggling woman faces. Utilizing the profound insights found in the author’s best–selling book, At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry, this book offers a clear–cut path to freedom that will prove to be invaluable to pastors, counselors and struggling women.



About the Author:

Kathy, along with her husband Steve, co-founded Pure Life Ministries in 1986. She also serves as a Board Director for Pure Life Ministries. Prior to entering into full-time ministry work, she was a manager in an insurance corporation. Her years of experience counseling the wives of sexual addicts enabled her to write, When His Secret Sin Breaks Your Heart. Most recently she collaborated with her husband Steve to co-author Create in Me a Pure Heart for struggling women.


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