A Pax or Pox on Your House?

By Greg Hinnant

We are all agents of change. Daily our disposition, speech, and actions bring good or ill into our circumstances, leaving others better or worse for our presence. Jesus urged us to be peacemakers.


The necessity of unity! Without unity, God isn’t pleased. Without God‘s pleasure, He won’t release His Spirit. Without His Spirit, we can’t thrive and bear fruit. Without fruit bearing, we can’t fulfill our destiny in Christ (John 15:1-8). Therefore, Christ prayed passionately for us to live in unity (John 17:21, 23) and taught us the monumental principle, “ Every… house divided against itself will not stand.“ (Matthew 12:25, NKJV) Unity is God’s strategy for Kingdom success.

But the adversary has a counter strategy: “Divide and conquer.“ He does this by stirring, feeding, and prolonging strife and division of every kind among us. He will use anything — creeds, doctrines, socioeconomic differences, prejudices, thoughts, imaginations and, yes—our unloving words and acts—to offend and separate us.


To deny the Father’s desire, His Son’s prayer, His Spirit’s work, and His kingdom’s growth. To rob us of the sweet joys of love and unity. To render us barren and unfulfilled.

So, only one question remains: will we be peacemakers or troublemakers? Bring a pax or pox on our houses?

Please consider and share these thoughts:

Bringing pax or pox?

“Pax” is Latin for peace, as in the Pax Romana (Roman peace). “Pox“ is a curse, disease, or calamity, as in the cry, “A pox on your house!” Which do we bring with us into the “house“ of our family, church, workplace, associations? The pox of contention, bitterness and division? Of envious pride, ever comparing, resenting, snipping with unkind words? Of hypersensitivity, and patience, quickness to anger? Of stubbornly rekindling old arguments? Of self-centered unforgiveness, buried resentment, obstinate non-cooperation? These divided houses, leaving them weak, dysfunctional, unable to stand. But pax is still possible — if will choose what brings it. Willing to examine your heart and purge every unloving thought? Every memory of offenses? Every desire to retaliate — or withdraw in sullen silence? Ready to humbly forgive and re-engage in peaceable conversation, easy cooperation, renewed tranquility, restored progress?

Climb Mount Impossible! …

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