Self-Serving or Humble Servitude?

By Larry Barnhill

“This is the hard part for all of mankind.”

What is your focus in life?

In the short passage from Luke 12:32-37, Jesus is asking the same of us. Are we focused on what we want — are perceived man-made goals and desires — or do we willingly submit to the will of God and in doing so gain that something which lasts for all of eternity? It is not an easy question for many, even as Christians, to answer.

As Jesus states in this passage, God’s pleasure is to give us the Kingdom. However, we can’t do that until we let go of our wants and the desires of the world so that we can focus solely and wholeheartedly upon God and what He wants of us and for us.

If and when we can put our own selfish desires away then we are free to be in fully equal step with God. This is the hard part for all of mankind for no matter what, we will all do at any moment what we feel is best for us. This goes for the unrepentant sinner as well as the pious saint.

In ancient Israel the “heart of man” was a term used to describe the core of a man. So, when Jesus says where we put our treasurer is a sign of where our heart is, He is calling us all out. If we put our time, effort, and money into things of the world, that is what we shall focus upon. When we put them towards the work of God, our focus stays on God and His mission for us. As such we are able to gain a higher interest and return on what we have invested in that return will be manifested in our arrival in heaven and the eternal presence of God.

Therefore, as you go to a time of prayer and reflection today, I pray that you will take the time to see if you are coming to God out of self-centered desires and wants or if you are coming to Him out of humbleness seeking to have Him just meet your needs. Do you come to God for self gratification or do you seek to be but a humble servant? I pray that you are seeking to humble yourself so that you may become greater and as such, store up untold riches in heaven.

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