Joseph: (Book 12) When the Sun Rose Again by Karl Reed

Joseph enjoys the blessing of family and friends, yet longs for more siblings. Helpful Amish teach their neighbors about building barns—and relationships—while being creative and resourceful.
Judge Goldberg makes a surprise visit and proves to be a true friend once again.
Wolfe’s children think they hear wedding bells while Penny struggles with hidden emotions and learns the value of counsel from a trusted friend.
Lolita is determined to teach Zack to read, but will she succeed? And will the contents of the mysterious satchel ever be revealed?
Meanwhile, a stunning message from Greece changes life forever for Jody and this close-knit group of friends.



About the Author:

Author and speaker, Karl Reed,  Karl is a prolific writer and has had many articles published in Home School Digest, Brush Arbor Quarterly, Overcoming Life.


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