Joseph: (Book 01) The Forgotten by Karl Reed

Author, Karl Reed, draws from a lifetime of experiences to weave the compelling story of Joseph: the Forgotten … (Book 1)

How can God make anything good out of a situation involving …

… an abortion?
… a baby abandoned?
… a group of bullies?
… an terrifying encounter with a bear?
… a tragic accident?
… physical challenges?
… a malicious slander?
… a false arrest?
… a court summons?
… a family torn apart?
… government abuse of power?

Every good story requires a hero or, in this case, a heroine. But, who would have expected a simple under-educated girl like Ruth to step into such a role? Finding herself alone with no one else to help, without hesitation, Ruth did the unthinkable …

In this inspiring fiction series, Karl Reed tells the heartwarming tale of Ruth and Jody Brown, a childless couple labeled as “simple†with a child-like faith that sees them through the toughest of times. You’ll also meet homeschooled Joseph Titus Brown and marvel at God’s miraculous protection and provision in his life.



About the Author:

Author, speaker and homeschool pioneer, Karl Reed, is a prolific writer and has had many articles published in Home School Digest, Brush Arbor Quarterly, Overcoming Life.


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