Defining Noah Webster by K. Alan Snyder

In this masterful spiritual biography, professor and political historian K. Alan Snyder unfolds the life, times and political thought of Noah Webster, America’s premier post-revolutionary educator. Snyder recounts how Webster rose from obscurity to become the father of early American education, and how his dramatic conversion to Christianity influenced the nation from colonial times to today.

The son of a penniless farmer, Webster achieved astounding success in influencing early-American intellectual and moral thought.  But much about Noah Webster’s life will come as a surprise to readers.  As an entrepreneurial schoolmaster, Webster not only compiled and edited the nation’s first textbooks and dictionaries, but he also championed the use of the Bible in schools. After his conversion, he abandoned the rational philosophies of the Enlightenment and evangelized his convictions that Biblical truth ought to be the bedrock for all civil government and education.



An inspiring read for all ages! This book would make a great family read-aloud.  ~Skeet Savage; Author, Publisher, Speaker, Discipler, Mentor, Founder of Wisdom’s Gate Ministries

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Who is K. Alan Snyder? First and foremost, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, seeking to draw people to the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Second, I am a husband, father, and grandfather–married to only one woman for 45 years and now enjoying 7 grandchildren. I'm also a professor of history at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida, which is an evangelical Christian institution. Previously, I taught at Indiana Wesleyan University, Regent University (graduate school of government), and Patrick Henry College. I've authored 5 books over the years, all of which are represented on my author page. My last two are very recent: one on Ronald Reagan and Whittaker Chambers and another on C. S. Lewis. I read constantly and I write constantly, particularly in my blog called Pondering Principles, which can be found at It's an ongoing commentary on God, man, and life, including culture, government and politics, the Christian walk, and knowledge of history. I truly desire that God will use me to share His truth in every possible avenue He provides.


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