Daniel Notes by Greg Hinnant

“Buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be richâ€Â (Revelation 3:18). With these words Jesus calls us to a great quest for spiritual riches, specifically for “gold tried in the fireâ€â€”faith in God and knowledge of God proven and refined in strong, heated life-tests.

Every chapter in this book contains proven, biblical “goldâ€â€”tested truths for trying times, the stuff of sound truth and sure faith—for us to “buy.†Like its metallic namesake, this “gold†is priceless, enduring, and “fireproof,†sure to endure even the hottest tests. If believed and obeyed, it will make us spiritually “rich.â€Â  So “buy†it: purchase this book, ponder its “gold,†practice it, and become it!

The destiny of overcoming Christians is not only to buy but also to become “gold tried in the fire.†Like the spiritual riches they possess, overcomers are priceless, enduring, and “fireproof.†In their hot crucibles, they confess with Job, “When he hath tested me, I [my soul] shall come forth as gold [tried in the fire]†(Job 23:10).



About the Author:

Greg Hinnant, author of Walking on Water, Spiritual Truths forOvercoming Adversity, and many more inspiring books is a teacher, writer, pastor and expositor of the Word. Called to teach New Testament discipleship and to minister to ministers, Greg has ministered both in America and abroad. He is an instructor with Christian Life School of Theology (Columbus, GA) and has had many articles published in An Encouraging Word, Home School Digest, Brush Arbor Quarterly, Overcoming Life, The Evangelist(Evangelical Tract Distributors-Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) and in The Herald of His Coming(USA). Greg resides in High Point, NC.


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